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Francis Chan, after preaching a particularly hard message, once said that if Jesus started a church in his city it would be smaller than his. He said it was a striking conviction. I’ve always found Jesus’ reactions to many would-be followers peculiar. Having grown up in church, I’ve always been taught that one should be Read More

Over the last few years, I’ve encountered many people who long (on some level) to give their lives to Christ and live as He did, do life together, and experience church as Christ intended it… but have a hundred reasons why it’s impossible or unlikely. It could be that the culture would never accept it, Read More

Church Unity That Is Stronger Than Blood

I’d like to tell you a story about two men. The first man (we’ll call him Chris) was part of an association for business professionals that met regularly. This group had existed for a long time, and had worked hard at maintaining a certain professional atmosphere. In this group, a certain well-respected business leader was Read More

3 Myths About Theology

A scientist cannot say he is a very good scientist if he doesn’t have a firm grasp on scientific principles, the scientific process, and at least basic laws of the universe. In the same way, no Christian can say they know God without valuing theology. It’s the very definition of the word: the study of Read More

Does Your Church Astonish?

In my last post I pointed out that it seems like churches often don’t look very different from secular organizations, and are often depending on man rather than God. This can be a very helpful line of reasoning, but it’s not our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is (or should be) for church to look Read More

What If God Left Your Church?

A group of people got together recently. They listened to a speaker, had some announcements about their organization, talked about community volunteer activities, and had a potluck lunch to socialize afterward. These generally good people met once a week, enjoyed each other’s company, and worked together on community activities. What organization did I just describe? Read More

“Fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom,” yet when it comes to church, it often feels more like we fear man most. Let me illustrate this with a story. Let us say that two friends decide to throw a birthday party for a common friend, we’ll call him Mark. As they start planning Read More